A Chic Dress is Always a Good Idea 1

A Chic Dress is Always a Good Idea

After a week filled with rainy days and pretty cold weather, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s feeling a little blue, and I think the best option to bring some spring vibes back into our lives is wearing a lovely dress.

Yes, a dress could make you feel more confident, sexy, feminine, cute, beautiful, you name it, and it could get you in the proper mood anytime. That’s one more reason I love spring so much, because I’m starting to wear dresses more and more often (at least when the weather is fine), and today I have an interesting look for you guys.

I found this amazing white dress on Bonprix a couple of weeks ago, with a cute geometrical model which caught my eye, and I just knew I had to have it. Two weeks later, I’m wearing it around town and it feels so good!

I didn’t want to match it with a pair of stilettos as I’d normally do it, and this time I’ve opted for a chic pair of red mules to add a touch of color to my look. I’ve also kept my outfit very simple, with minimal accessories, just a small bag featuring a black and red scarf, to keep this geometrical beauty the focal piece of my look.

I hope you like it and get ready for another awesome week sweeties :*

My outfit :

Dress : Bonprix

Mules : Bonprix

Bag : Guess

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