A fluffy scarf can save the day 9

A Fluffy Scarf can Save the Day

A few days ago I’ve bought this gorgeous scarf from H&M, that’s so cozy and fluffy that I’ve started to believe in love at first sight once again. It’s the perfect accessory especially when the temperatures outside are really low and it’s so versatile because it can easily turn your outfit into a chic look without any effort.

Even though Christmas is just around the corner, the sweater I chose to wear for this post has nothing to do with the holidays, but just look at it and tell me.. is that puppy super cute or what? 🙂 That puppy makes you smile instantly and that was the main reason why I’ve bought it and why I love to wear it from time to time.

Officially there’s just one more week until Christmas and Santa’s coming to town, right? All year long I’ve been such  good girl and I know Santa will bring me something special… what about you?

I hope you like my post and my new scarf and, if you’re in the same situation like me, living in an area where the weather gets pretty cold during winter, you’ll know a scarf like one is a good investment.


My outfit: H&M coat, Atmosphere Sweater, Denim & Co jeans, Koton over-the-knee boots, H&M scarf, Atmosphere bag.

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