A lovely little town called Cisnadie 1

A lovely little town called Cisnadie

If there’s a place filled with flowers, then I have to be there as soon as possible, because you know, I totally love them 😀 I like to be surrounded by flowers of all colors and types, and I’d just sit there all day long to admire their beauty and enjoy those unique scents.

Cisnadie is a place just like this, a lovely little town just outside Sibiu, that’s so peaceful and beautifully decorated with all kinds of flowers, especially in the town center, that you might even want to move in there. The entire town has been restored to its former glory in these last couple of years and its old buildings are now complemented by flowers wherever you might turn your head. An imposing fortified church, a few lovely fountains, cozy sitting areas and the fact that no cars are allowed in the town’s center, make this place even more appealing.

But another thing that I totally like about this town is the fact that everyone is encouraged to protect the environment, through neat messages placed here and there. And the results can be seen everywhere, as the streets are so clean and the entire town seems to be filled with life and color.

And when winter is just around the corner and all these gorgeous flowers disappear, Cisnadie gets a new life for Christmas. The whole city is beautifully decorated with thousands of lights and cool Christmas decorations and the town even has the highest Christmas tree in Romania – it’s a magical sight that has be to enjoyed with your own eyes.

But until then, I have a new outfit for you, shot in this lovely little town. Hope you like it!

My outfit :

Shirt : Dresslily

Jeans: Zara

Boots : AmiClubWear

Hat : Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi Hadid

Bag : Guess

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