Braids and Denim 1

Braids and Denim

First of all, I wanna tell you I’m a big fan of all kind of braids, but unfortunately most of them are nearly impossible to do by myself… as much as I want to do them, I really can’t see and work on the back of my head.

But this is one of the types of braids that I could do myself and I’m pretty good at it since I’ve done this kind of braids on my hair every since I was a little girl. In case you’re asking yourself why I’m talking so much about braids, well, this beautiful and feminine hairstyle is super trendy almost all the time, especially this spring.

To me braids are an expression of happiness and I think they could be easily worn in all kinds of occasions, from special events, where you should go for a more elegant hairstyle, to casual, or even sporty looks, where fun and childish are right ways to go.

For this super cute hairstyle I’ve decided denim is the perfect match, and a denim dress would be even better than a casual pair of jeans, right? I fell in love with this denim dress the minute I saw it, and I like the fact that it can be worn easily in different ways and combinations, from an elegant look with a pair of heels or some classy sandals, to a sporty, casual-chic outfit like this particular look with some cool sneakers.

I hope you enjoy this combo just as much as I do! Kisses and hugs girls and see you next time :*

My outfit:

Baseball jacket – Bershka 

Denim dress – Zara

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