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Discover with me the magical Trovants

I’m finally back home but guess what? Just as I got off the plane, I was back on the road, going home to my mom, in the beautiful Romanian countryside. Two weeks without her seem like an eternity to me, so in 2 hours I was back in the car, with another luggage and also a lot of presents for my dear ones.

The road to my mom’s house is really nice, with gorgeous scenery and a lot of amazing places, that’s why I’ve decided to stop here and there and take a couple of photos for my blog. First, I’ve stopped at the Trovants, a natural park with growing stones (or concretions) which look like they’re out of this world and then I also stopped at a place from where you get a breathtaking view of a stone quarry.

My outfit for this trip was pretty chic and even though it was made on the run, I think you’ll love it. I chose warm colors, with a nice pink shirt, a white faux fur vest that’s pretty trendy this fall and a pair of elegant over the knee boots.


In these photos I’m wearing: a Clockhouse faux fur vest, an Atmosphere shirt, Zara skinny jeans, Koton over-the-knee boots, Atmosphere belt and bag and an H&M scarf.

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