Discovering Germany’s Incredible Castles 1

Discovering Germany’s Incredible Castles

Hello, beautiful girls ūüôā I’m so happy today because I finally have some time to share with you one of my favorite adventures from this Euro Trip – a full day taking a step back in time¬†and¬†visiting some of¬†the most beautiful castles in the entire Germany.¬†But first, let me tell you how I got here…

After leaving Strasbourg we’ve¬†spent the night¬†in Stuttgart, which seemed to be a pretty fun city from what I’ve seen, and then we woke up really early because we had a full day in front of us, traveling through the German countyside, with amazing landscapes, cool little villages and a wonderful backdrop with mountains and fairy-tale castles.

I probably didn’t tell you about my passion for castles yet, but I totally love discovering these unique pieces of history; I also like visiting old cathedrals and any other charming old buildings that make me¬†dream about a period with princesses and princes, knights, lovely clothes, and unique traditions.

Getting in touch with history is something we all should do and there’s no place better to do it than Southern Germany, where you’ll find some of the country’s (and the world’s) most amazing castles. Unfortunately we only had time to visit four of them, but I will surely come back to Germany¬†in the next years to check out every single castle I’ve missed!

In these photos you’ll see the charming Lichtenstein castle, the massive Sigmaringen castle that I totally liked, and the beautiful Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles, which are extremely close to each other. They’re all even more amazing than what you see in photos, and you totally have to see them live.

For this lovely day, I choose to wear a light blue and white combination, which is also the combination from the Bavarian flag, complemented by some chic, golden accessories.

My outfit : Shirt – H&M

Pants – Zara

Handbag – Furla

Accessorie –H&M

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