Endless summer!

I know it’s autumn already, and I totally love this season, with all those colors around us, the smell of tea in the morning, and struggling to wake up, but my mind just can’t stop thinking of summer, that’s why we’ve decided to make one last trip to the sea this year 🙂  So I’ve packed a couple of clothes, got in the car and we’ve started driving to the Black Sea for a small city break in Bulgaria.

We’ve been to Golden Sands, one of my favorite seaside resorts from the country, and luckily for us, the weather was still pretty good, and I even got to enjoy the sun’s warm rays, while listening to the waves, of course. Obviously we couldn’t stay in just one place, that’s why we’ve also went to visit a gorgeous place called Kaliakra Cape, the perfect location for a photoshoot.

Kaliakra Cape is a long, narrow headland, which goes deep into the Black Sea, with a steep coast and vertical cliffs that make it a blissful location. It’s a very important natural reserve, from where you could even see dolphins and cormorants, and it also features the remnants of a fortified citadel.

I’ve probably spent a couple of hours in this magical place, admiring everything and listening to the sound of waves crashing into the rocks. For this lovely day I’ve worn a short yellow dress made by Gabriela Atanasov, a Romanian fashion blogger and designer, plus a pair of white espadrilles customized by me with some colorful pom-poms 🙂

I hope you like these photos and this gorgeous place. Enjoy :* and have a nice day!

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