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Fiber Infusion – the new gem for my hair!

Climate changes, humidity, temperature, and water that differs from one place to another – all this will have a tough effect on your hair and skin. In this last vacation I’ve been away from home for 3 weeks and almost every day we’ve walked hours and hours under the sun’s hot rays, that can be extremely harmful to the overall health of your hair.

I returned home with dry, dehydrated hair, that lost its ability to hold on to moisture, and didn’t shine or looked like the way it used it. But luckily, there’s a solution!

One of my best friends has been using keratin treatments for a very long time, and she always said that her hair would look awful without a healthy dose of keratin. She used to dye her hair in many different colors when she was a bit younger and at one point her hair was seriously dehydrated and looked pretty bad, but this treatment saved her.

When I received a call from Londa to test the brand’s new treatment with keratin called Fiber Infusion I was so excited because I knew this might be the solution for my problem too. I always want to have a luxurious, silky-smooth hair, just like those shampoo models, and keratin makes this happen – it hydrates and nourishes the hair to make it healthier, more supple, soft and shiny!

So last week, after I arrived home, I went straight to Art & Beauty by Daniela Guzumas, one of the best beauty salons in Brasov, to try to save my hair and why not, make a little change as well. Cristina was my stylist there, and she made some magic happen with the new Londa Cashmere paint collection.

She added some blonde highlights to my hair to make it look lighter and brighter for the summer and finally my hair was spoiled with the new keratin treatment, Fiber Infusion, which is applied right after shampooing, when your hair is still wet, and left in action for 5 minutes. During this period, you have to use a hair dryer with warm air to get the best results, as the heat activates the keratin, and then your hair can be rinsed.

Of course, Cristina also styled my hair a little bit, and the result was all I’ve ever wanted, and then some! My hair looked 10 times better 😀 It was shiny, silky, and it felt so good when I ran my hands through it. The best thing is that I went home with this miracle treatment and I received a few more products from Londa to prepare a giveaway for you, so you could test it yourselves to see why I liked it so much!

Thanks Londa, Cristina Gavrila and Art & Beauty by Daniela Guzumas.

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