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From Dresden to Bremen: 4 places in one day!

Sometimes I feel I’m like a busy bee, going from one flower to another and trying to add my special touch to each place I visit. I’ve started a new journey through Europe last week, and my first stop was supposed to be in Bremen, which is easily one of my favorite cities in the world, because my best friend lives here ūüôā Of course, the city itself is absolutely incredible as well, but that’s just an added bonus.

Since the road from my town to Bremen is almost 1,700 km long, or a 17-hour drive non-stop, we’ve decided to cut it in half and stop for a night in Dresden, because we really liked this town from our first visit here last fall. So after a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast, we were right in the town’s center, taking a couple of photos at the gorgeous Zwinger Palace.

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss in Dresden, apart from the spectacular Frauenkirche, it’s definitely this palace, that’s renowned for its beautiful baroque architecture.¬†Unfortunately we didn’t stay there too long, because we still had a lot to go, so at around 12 pm we were back on the road and our next stop was in … Leipzig!

Leipzig is just an hour away from Dresden, but an hour is more than enough for the weather to change, and when we got there it was really windy and it started raining. We didn’t get to see much, only the town’s center, and a few streets here and there, but I wasn’t too impressed.

Most of the city seemed industrial and bland, and I’ve probably missed a few important spots, but Leipzig didn’t manage me to convince me to stay there for longer. Leipzig is often called the “new Berlin” or the capital of cool for its nightlife, music and art scene, but you probably need to dig a little bit deeper to find out why. Two hours in town seemed more than enough for me, at least for sightseeing in the rain.

So then we were back on the road and while we were on the highway, I’ve seen a couple of photos¬†with a charming little town called Quedlinburg on Instagram. I didn’t know it’s almost on our path and, when we’ve seen a couple of indicators to¬†Quedlinburg, we’ve decided to make a quick detour there and I’m sooo happy we did it! ūüėÄ

I really don’t know if I can find the right words to describe¬†this town.¬†Quedlinburg is a half-timbered fairy-tale, with narrow alleyways, drool inducing houses from six different centuries, and a historic castle and church perched above the town. Everywhere you turned your head you could find a picture-perfect setting, while the flowers or the music in the background seemed to create a unique atmosphere.

Once you arrive to¬†Quedlinburg, you’ll be instantly transported back in time to a world where you could forget about everything else. We’ve stayed here for a few hours, getting lost between the¬†half-timbered houses and trying to explore as much as possible, and trust me, you might want to stay here forever! It’s the kind of town that will go straight to your heart and I totally recommend you to visit it.

Speaking of forgetting about everything else,¬† I forgot we¬†had another stop planned on the road to Bremen. So once again, we were back in the car, heading to our next stop, which is another small German called Brunswick. We’ve seen a super cute house there named the Happy Rizzi House, and I just had to take a couple of photos there.

It looks like one of the wackiest buildings ever built, but it was actually painted by the late artist James Rizzi, who covered the entire house with his unusual cartoony designs. If you’re ever in¬†Brunswick, you just can’t miss it, and if you see anything else worth visiting there, let me know, because we didn’t have too much time and I’d love to return one day.

So there you go, four awesome places to see on the road from Dresden to Bremen. Who’s a busy bee?

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