It’s Hoodie Time 1

It’s Hoodie Time!

Hi girls 🙂 Are you ready to see another interesting combo from me? 😀 Thought so… but first I wanna say I’ll be spending the next couple of days together with my mommy, somewhere in the charming Romanian countryside, in a little village where I also grew up. I’ve spent most of my childhood here and it’s a place filled with so many memories for me, that’s why I always come back here with such a pleasure, especially because I get to spend more time with my mom.

And.. I couldn’t visit my mom without a cool look, right? So.. while I was packing my bags, I’ve decided to combine two different pieces, actually two different styles, mixing a hoodie with a suit. Have you ever thought about this? I had one of those moments when I was just staring at my closet, thinking that I don’t have anything new to wear, and when I’ve laid my eyes to my baby’s part of the closet, I’ve seen his yellow hoodie 😀 and boom, I’ve got an idea!

This yellow hoodie, combined with a black suit and a pair of shoes with tiny heels will surely turn a lot of heads on the streets and after I’ve tried this combo on, I felt so comfortable and chic! What do you think girls? Is this something you would try out as well?

Kisses :*

My outfit :

Suit : Bonprix

Hoodie : from my bf’s wardrobe

Heels : Zara

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