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Luxembourg and Strasbourg – Two in One!

Bonjour mes amis! Are you ready to see another beautiful part of my lovely tour around Europe? Ok, thought so 🙂 After three amazing days in Paris and a short visit at the massive Versailles Palace, I was back on the highway to see another charming city, and.. actually another country.

My next stop was in Luxembourg, the capital of the tiny European country with the same name, which is just a couple of hours away from Paris and a total must-see if you ask me. The town itself (and the country) is pretty small, but it’s filled with interesting sights, a mix of gorgeous old buildings and new landmarks, cobblestone streets and breathtaking landscapes.

I’ve managed to check out the most popular sights from Luxembourg in just one day, but I would have loved to stay here more and enjoy the cool atmosphere. In these photos you’ll see a bit of the old town, with the canals, the Grand Ducal Palace, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Petrusse Park and then we’ll jump right to the next destination, which is… the fascinating town of Strasbourg!

I really didn’t expect to see much, since I was really tired and we’ve already planned to spend only a night there, but I was completely mesmerized by this beautiful little town the moment we’ve walked out of the hotel and I’m a bit sad we didn’t stay there for a longer period.

Strasbourg is a delightful sight, with so many captivating old buildings, small streets filled with shops and terraces, impressive landmarks like the famed Notre Dame Cathedral and those canals… oh my, I really don’t know if I can find the right words to describe them.

It has a lovely, laid-back vibe, with more tourists you could imagine, beautiful music in the background and delicious food. It’s been a pleasure to try out some local specialties just a couple of steps away from the Cathedral and I promise I’ll be back here for more than just one day in the next years.

My outfit:

Jeans – Bershka

Shirt – Bershka

Blazer – C&A 

Sunglasses – ZARA

Handbag – Furla

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