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My Last Day in Berlin

This Friday comes with a new travel blog post from my lovely trip to Berlin, with the last day spent in this beautiful city. I’ve wanted to see almost everything in town, and I know 3 days weren’t nearly enough for that, but I’m so happy I’ve done my best to see Berlin’s most important sights 🙂

In my last day here I’ve been to the East Side Gallery, the longest remaining section of the Berlin Wall, which has been converted into the world’s largest open air gallery right now, with beautiful graffiti art from many different artists, to celebrate Berlin Wall’s demise and freedom in general.

You’ll get mixed feelings when you see this place with your own eyes, first you’ll be impressed by how tall the wall really was, and you’ll get an idea of how strange might have been to live in a period when the entire town was separated by this massive wall, and then you’ll be glad it’s not there anymore and simply enjoy these unique works of art.

From the Berlin Wall, we’ve gone back to the town’s center, because we wanted to walk around those beautiful streets one more time. We’ve been to Nikolaiviertel, which is probably the most charming place in Berlin, and then we’ve seen a wonderful sunset from Berliner Dom. I’ve ended the day with a huge box of donuts, and nothing but good memories from Berlin.

Have you prepared the letter for Santa? 🙂



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