Put Some Pearls on your Jeans

Happy Monday pretty ones 🙂 A new week has just started and I’m sooo busy. My house is filled with clothes wherever I turn my head – it looks like a hurricane just passed by 😀 That’s because tomorrow we’re

A Lovely Day in Prague

I’m pretty sure you all know that feeling, when you see an awesome photo from a place where you’re going to be pretty soon, and you just can’t wait to get there, to enjoy the same view and of course,

Golden leaves and beautiful Culottes, a perfect combination

The short and beautiful wide leg cut of the culottes is perfect to get us through the unpredictable weather between summer and winter in style, that’s why I think they are the must-have pants for fall. With a flattering hemline and

Pleated Skirt in a Casual Look

Hello my beautiful fashionistas :* Are you ready to see a new interesting look from me? 🙂 Today I’m like a busy bee, because I’m leaving for Cluj in just a few hours, and I’ll stay there for a couple

A Magical Place from Bosnia

During my stay in Mostar, I’ve heard about an amazing place, nestled just a few minutes outside of the town, called Blagaj Tekija – a mesmerizing Dervish monastery, set right under a cliff, that’s nearly 600 years old, with a crystal-clear river

Casual look for this weekend

Hello kitties 🙂 This weekend is just around the corner, and I’m sure you’ve made a lot of plans for it, right? I’ll be pretty busy too, going to Brasov with my friends for a little shopping session, and of course, a