Braids and Denim

First of all, I wanna tell you I’m a big fan of all kind of braids, but unfortunately most of them are nearly impossible to do by myself… as much as I want to do them, I really can’t see and

All Nude Look!

It’s Friday, yaaaay! I know a lot of you guys are barely waiting to escape your jobs (or school) and enjoy a new lovely weekend, but before you do that, I have a special treat for you 🙂 Today I

Ending the year with a bit of Sun

Officially there are just a couple of hours left from 2015 and I’m so happy to tell you that I’m going to celebrate New Year’s in a sunny location, far, far away from home, in the beautiful city of Larnaca, Cyprus, where

Endless summer!

I know it’s autumn already, and I totally love this season, with all those colors around us, the smell of tea in the morning, and struggling to wake up, but my mind just can’t stop thinking of summer, that’s why we’ve

Hallo Bremen

After a couple of foggy days in Bremen, the sun was finally out today, so I’ve decided to explore more of this beautiful town and its lovely streets. The best way to move around in Bremen is by taking the tram

Spring is Just Around the Corner!

Happy Monday girls! It’s February 29th today, an extra day that comes only once every four years so… make the most of it! I’m so happy this is officially the last winter day because I can’t wait to change my