New Places and a Super Cool New Outfit

Gosh, I have so many things to tell you! In these past couple of days I’ve been on the road with some dear friends, discovering new places, and relaxing a little bit right in the heart of the mountains, and trust me when I say it was even better than what I’ve seen in photos!

We’ve decided to explore a small part of our country that we didn’t know yet, going through the Apuseni mountains, and our first stop was in Rimetea, a charming village that’s almost 800 year old, dotted with white houses, and dominated by a massive rock wall, called Rock of the Szeklers.

Apparently this place was a former mining town hundreds of years ago, and there are even some ruins nearby of an old fortress, showing us how important this area was in the past. I’d love to have a vacation home here, because I think it’s just amazing to wake up every day with that imposing rock wall in the horizon. It’s a breathtaking view, and I hope you could see it too from these photos.

We found a beautiful hotel there, with excellent food and superb views, where I’ve managed to take a couple of shots for today’s article, with an outfit that I simply adore: a new gorgeous combo from All for Art, featuring a wonderful red leather jacket, with tweed sleeves, and a super cool tulle skirt.

I felt so good in that place, wearing this funky outfit, that I’d love to return there as soon as possible. I hope you like it too!


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