Hello Krakow once again!

My first trip to Krakow was pretty short and very, very cold, but I liked this city so much that I just had to come back here as soon as possible and enjoy everything Krakow has to offer. Fast forward two years and we’re back in this amazing city for my birthday, which made this […]


I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard about Auschwitz and all the outrageous things that happened there. The first time I’ve heard about this place was in mid-school at my history class, when we’ve learned about the Second World War, and from that moment I was really interested to find out more and I’ve always wanted to […]

The amazing Wawel Castle

Hi guys, are you ready to see the final snaps from my short visit to Krakow? I’ve decided to save the best for last, and in my last day in this magical city I’ve checked out probably the most amazing sight in the entire Poland: the Wawel Royal Castle, which proudly sits atop the Wawel Hill. There are many […]

Krakow by Night

Hi guys 🙂 Are you ready for a new post from my awesome trip to Krakow? As I’ve said in my first article from this beautiful city, Krakow is absolutely amazing, but you know what? it gets even better when the sun goes down! The entire city seems to come to life, with all those […]

First Day in Krakow

Hellooo my dear friends – First of all, I’m really sorry for my absence lately, but I had a really, really good reason. As some of you might have seen on my Instagram account already, and especially my Insta stories, for the last few days I’ve been travelling a “little” bit through Europe, and now, […]

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