The amazing Wawel Castle

Hi guys, are you ready to see the final snaps from my short visit to Krakow? I’ve decided to save the best for last, and in my last day in this magical city I’ve checked out probably the most amazing sight in the entire Poland: the Wawel Royal Castle, which proudly sits atop the Wawel Hill.

There are many stunning things to see in Krakow, but the Wawel Castle seems to beat them all, dominating over the skyline of this town for more than 700 years. Yep, the first bits of this fortified hilltop castle have been built in the 14th century, and with time it just got better and better. For centuries, the Wawel Castle was the residence of the kings of Poland, and a symbol of Polish statehood, and right now it’s one of the country’s best museums.

I’ve decided to go there Friday morning, thinking that there won’t be too many people around, but to my surprise there were already hundreds of people around, military, high priests, officials, with many more coming every minute. I kept wondering what was going on and to my surprise I found out that it was actually the national day of Poland, or the National Independence day, and I was lucky enough to catch some of the festivities! And gosh.. they were so cool!

I think my outfit wasn’t festive enough for the occasion, but it was pretty chic though. I hope you like it and, if you ever get to Krakow, or Poland, make sure the Wawel Castle is right on top of your must see list.

My Outfit:

Cape / hat / Pants / Blouse : ZARA

Bag: Clote.ro

Shoes: Tendenz

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