My Second Day in London 1

My Second Day in London

Gosh, I’ve seen so many amazing places from London in these last couple of days and I’ve walked so much here and there that I didn’t even have time to open my laptop. As soon as I got to the hotel, I had energy left in me only for a quick shower and then I was falling asleep almost instantly, just to wake up early in the morning and start over.

But I’ve loved every second, every walk, everything I’ve seen in London and I’ve sure managed to see a ton of things this time. In the second day I’ve been to some of London’s most amazing museums, Victoria & Albert and the Science museum and I’ve explored the beautiful streets and houses from Notting Hill, one of the most charming neighborhoods from London, with the lovely Portobello Road Market.

But let’s take these sights one by one. Of course, my personal favorite was the Victoria & Albert Museum, because it’s the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design and I’ve liked everything I’ve seen there. There’s even a special section about the evolution of Fashion and I’m sure you’d all like to see that. I would have loved to stay there the entire day but I still had a lot of things to see.

So after a couple of hours I’ve moved to the Science Museum, where I’ve also seen a ton of interesting things, especially in the Space section. I’ve also wanted to visit the Natural History Museum, but there were probably more than 200 people just waiting to get inside, so I’ve left this one for another day and took a short coffee break at Starbucks. By the way, a coffee latte with coconut is my favorite get up drink.

From the museums, I took the tube to Notting Hill and just started exploring the streets by foot, with large Victorian townhouses, lovely little shops on Portobello Road and gorgeous views from the top of the hill. Ever since I’ve seen the movie with the same name, Notting Hill, I’ve wanted to check out this place myself and I’m telling you girls, it’s amazing!

In the next days I’ll be posting more photos from my trip to London so.. stick around and discover this amazing town with me.

My outfit today: Zara jacket, Bershka shirt and jeans, Adidas sneakers, C&A hat, Stradivarius turtleneck, H&M scarf, Meli Meli gloves and Furla backpack.

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