Another Day in Veliko

Morning girls 😀 As I’ve told you in my previous post, I went back to Veliko Tarnovo last week, but this time it was even more special, because I went there with my family, and we were all celebrating our name day. And what better to celebrate than going to a special place, where we could […]

Back to Veliko Tarnovo!

There are just a few places where I always return with pleasure and the charming Bulgarian town of Veliko Tarnovo is definitely one of them. I love everything about this town: its amazing setting, the old buildings and cobblestone streets, the views, the food, the people, the atmosphere.. it feels like you’re in another world and […]

Winter Wonderland!

I think I’ve spent some of the most beautiful winter days in Veliko Tarnovo, and today it’s time to show you another part of my lovely trip here. Once again we woke up really early, and step by step through the snow, we went to the most interesting part of Veliko, a massive fortress called Tsaravets, […]

The Black Sea and a Black Dress!

As you’ve seen from my previous post, over the weekend I’ve been to the sea one last time this year, and now I wanna share with you guys another gorgeous outfit that I’ve worn in this small trip, an elegant look that I totally love, shot in a location that was truly spectacular. On Saturday we’ve decided […]

Endless summer!

I know it’s autumn already, and I totally love this season, with all those colors around us, the smell of tea in the morning, and struggling to wake up, but my mind just can’t stop thinking of summer, that’s why we’ve decided to make one last trip to the sea this year 🙂  So I’ve packed […]

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