Winter Wonderland! 1

Winter Wonderland!

I think I’ve spent some of the most beautiful winter days in Veliko Tarnovo, and today it’s time to show you another part of my lovely trip here. Once again we woke up really early, and step by step through the snow, we went to the most interesting part of Veliko, a massive fortress called Tsaravets, nestled on top of a hill, which used to be home to Bulgarian kings many centuries ago when this town used to be the capital of the state.

Today it’s just a popular tourist attraction, but it’s so amazing to see with your own eyes how big this place really is, and how incredible are the views from the top. I think we’ve spent a few hours here, and I didn’t even feel the cold, with that serene view in front of my eyes. It was definitely a breathtaking sight, especially since the entire town was covered in snow.

This small city is probably a fairy tale place in every season of the year, and I’ll surely be back here as soon as possible, maybe this summer, because I loved it so much and I’d love to see its beauty in other seasons as well. Now I’ll let these photos speak for themselves and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do. Have a great week guys :*

My outfit :

Blouse : She In

Coat : H&M

Pants / Shoes : Zara

Hat : Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid

Bag : Guess

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