Casual Look in Budapest 1

Casual Look in Budapest

It’s a new day and we still have a ton of places to discover in Budapest, that’s why we woke up very early once again, and right after breakfast I’ve put on some clothes and some make up and we went outside to take a few shots next to the Danube river, the iconic Chain Bridge and the lovely Budapest Eye.

Since the weather outside was just perfect for photos, I had to wear some of my new favorite items, a gorgeous pair of jeans that I recently got from Lupsona, with an eye catching design that will surely make you stand out a little, and a superb pair of yellow sandals from Zaful, with an equally appealing look and a statement heel that will be probably noticed by every single fashionista.

I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit simple and casual, so I’ve also worn a cool T-shirt and a small bag, with minimal accessories, to keep all eyes on these statement pieces. I hope you like my new outfit just as much as I did 🙂 Happy weekend :*

My outfit :

T-Shirt : Levi’s

Jeans : Lupsona

Sandals : Zaful

Bag : Guess

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