Glam in Budapest 1

Glam in Budapest

If you’re following me closely on Instagram, I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen in my Insta Stories the breathtaking hotel where I’ve stayed in Budapest, but you probably don’t know yet that I also took a few shots for my blog there. I couldn’t miss the occasion 😀 We’ve stayed at the gorgeous Corinthia hotel in town and it was a total treat from start to finish.

From the moment we arrived there, I was completely mesmerized by its overwhelming lobby, decked in marble, filled with natural light and glamorous details, and featuring a superb red-carpet staircase in the middle that looked like the perfect place to take a couple of photos for my blog. But since the hotel was fully booked, it was always so crowded and I had to wait for the perfect moment to do this.

And that lucky break came Saturday evening, when everyone was probably out in town and I had almost the entire lobby for myself. So I went upstairs and got my awesome nude sequin dress from Lupsona, and a chic pair of nude sandals, to make the perfect outfit for this stunning decor.

I felt so sexy and elegant wearing this dress and if you ever plan to go to a special event, this look is just what you need. Now I’ll let these photos do the rest of the talking for me 🙂 I hope you like both the outfit and the hotel 😀

Happy Monday and with you a great week :*

My outfit :

Dress :Lupsona

Sandals : Asos

Location : Corinthia Hotel Budapest


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