A magical place called Hallstatt

Do you remember those charming little villages from old romantic movies and fairy tales? Well, that’s exactly how Hallstatt looks like, a wonderful little village from Austria, that’s almost too good to be true.

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The Most Beautiful Lakes in the Dolomites!

The mighty Dolomites are easily one of the world’s most spectacular vacation destinations – especially for someone who loves mountains 😀 You’ll get to see breathtaking views everywhere you might turn your head, with soaring peaks, incredible lakes, green valleys dotted with charming alpine homes, and so many awesome hiking trails just waiting for you. […]

Zaanse Schans and Zaandam

After two posts with a few wonderful places from Romania, it’s time to get back to my trip to the Netherlands, because I still have sooo many awesome places that I totally have to share with you guys 🙂 You never know when you’re going to go there, and I have many, many suggestions that […]

Heritage Trip Alba

As you’ve probably seen on my Instagram account a few days ago, I’ve made some new friends last week and together we’ve went in a small adventure through our country, to bring some beautiful places, filled with history, and a few picturesque areas from our countryside, closer to you – I’m talking about a small […]

When in Amsterdam..

In these last couple of weeks we’ve traveled a lot through our beautiful country and discovered a few amazing places, but I still have so many things to tell you about my last vacation and.. I must go on with the part that I loved the most: our trip to the Netherlands 😀 I can’t […]

Sighisoara – a Fairy-Tale Town

I’ve always wanted to visit Sighisoara, but for one reason or another, I didn’t manage to go there yet, even though it’s pretty close to my home. Last week however, my mom came to visit me, and since we always love to see new places with her, this was probably the perfect occasion to head […]

Balloons and Happiness in Bremen

I’m pretty sure you already know this: Bremen is a city that’s very close to my heart, for many, many reasons 😀 First of all, one of my best friends lives here, but also the city itself is absolutely incredible, and I always come back here with pleasure. I always love to walk around the […]

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