Fericire si baloane in Bremen 1

Balloons and Happiness in Bremen

I’m pretty sure you already know this: Bremen is a city that’s very close to my heart, for many, many reasons 😀 First of all, one of my best friends lives here, but also the city itself is absolutely incredible, and I always come back here with pleasure. I always love to walk around the old town, with narrow cobblestone streets, colorful houses, small terraces and lovely shops, and the imposing buildings from the city center are equally amazing.

Another thing that I totally love in Bremen is the fact that the entire city is so green! Everywhere you’ll turn your head you’ll see many trees, small green spaces, flowers, and so on, and the parks in Bremen are simply huge. I’ve also seen many people riding their bikes around town, and it seems so nice to see women all dressed up, with heels and dresses, or men in suits going to work on bikes every day.

I’ve also found out that here children are taught how to ride a bicycle and how to respect the traffic rules from a very young age. That’s why most of them go to school on bikes from the first years, which is something I don’t expect to see in our country in the near future 🙁 All these things turn Bremen into a perfect city to live in.

The only downside is that it’s raining here quite often, but when it’s sunny outside and warm it’s so nice to go out for a walk and of course.. take some pics 😀 In our first days in Bremen the weather wasn’t so good, but as soon as the sun came out, we woke up very early in the morning, I got some balloons and a gorgeous polka dot red dress from Orsay, and off we went to the town’s center, with my bf and bff.

We laughed, we took many photos, we’ve walked around a lot and then we sat down at a small terrace to enjoy a good cup of coffee. At the day, we’ve just relaxed in the countyard, with no phones, internet or TV, just us and a few more friends, enjoying these precious moments together.

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