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A Lovely Day in Celle and Hanover

Once we arrived Bremen, we just wanted to sit back and relax a little after our long journey here, and enjoy our friends’ company, of course 😀 But as some of you might have seen on my Insta Stories, I had some problems with the sun, and when we got there I had a weird allergy from it, that’s why I had to stay indoors for a few days.

Luckily for us it was all good, because in those days it rained a little in Bremen, and we used this break to plan exactly what we were going to do in the next days. The first places we wanted to visit were Celle and Hanover, two cities that are very close to Bremen and I’ve always wanted to see.

Before we go to a new place, we always research a bit to see exactly what we need to see, where should we eat or drink and also which are the best places to take photos in each town. And when I was looking at photos from Celle I knew this would be a place that I’ll fall in love with immediately. I love cities with old buildings decorated with wood, where narrow streets, boutique shops and lovely terraces create a certain atmosphere that’s very hard to describe.

Celle turned out to be exactly like that, maybe even better, because we didn’t see too many tourists around and.. I totally love that 😀 I think we were a bit lucky, because Celle is usually a very popular tourist destination. I’m pretty sure you all know it’s hard to enjoy a new place when there are too many people around, so I’m glad it wasn’t so crowded.

After we’ve walked for around 2 hours around the town’s center we stopped at a restaurant with a lovely terrace for lunch. But time flies when you’re in a place that you really like, and it was nearly 3 PM when we realized we had to visit Hanover as well and we had to get back on the road.

When we arrived in Hanover, I wasn’t too impressed. It’s an industrial city, with many new buildings, and even in the town’s center there are just a few interesting spots. But we kept searching for that picture perfect spot and luckily my boyfriend always has an ace up his sleeve, and he told me we should go to the New City Hall, because I will surely love it.

He didn’t show me any photo, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but when we arrived there I was completely mesmerized. It’s a majestic building, with a small lake in front of it, and it looks amazing when you also see its reflection in the lake. If you’re ever going to Hanover, this place has that “wow” effect.

There’s also a small park around the lake and you could just walk around until you’ll find the perfect angle to take some photos. I might have been mesmerized by Celle earlier that day, but this was the highlight of my day. I didn’t want to leave this place.

It was quiet, peaceful and that view… will leave you speechless. We’ve just stayed on the grass for a while, enjoying the silence and that amazing view. Oh, and an ice cream was the cherry on top 😛 It was getting pretty late already so we’ve slowly walked back to the car and off we went.

For this day I chose to wear an outfit with ethnic vibes, mixing a traditional shirt with a loooong skirt with floral prints, plus a vintage bag and a floral crown that would fit perfectly in these fairy tale places.

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