A lovely day in Prague 1

A Lovely Day in Prague

I’m pretty sure you all know that feeling, when you see an awesome photo from a place where you’re going to be pretty soon, and you just can’t wait to get there, to enjoy the same view and of course, to take a few photos as well 🙂 That happened to me a few weeks ago, when I’ve seen a photo of Prague’s iconic Charles Bridge and many swans by the river. I just knew I had to find that place!

After a little research, we found that exact spot, and when we arrived there I was suprised to see there were waaay more swans than I could have ever imagined 😀 There were also a few people around, who came there to enjoy the view and feed them, but these swans acted like it was all their territory. They were just moving around us, expecting some treats, and the way they look at you is pretty strange, yet adorable.

Luckily, I went there prepared with some bread, and after struggling a little bit to feed them, I’ve discovered another thing: these amazing birds are very mean! One of them bit me pretty bad and after they’ve seen I’m out of food, they all ignored me. But I forgave them, because that moment was priceless: all those swans, that view of the Charles Bridge and a few ships passing by led to a wonderful memory that will be stuck with me forever.

After this lovely moment, we started climbing the stairs to the Prague Castle to check out the impressive St. Vitus Cathedral once again. It was very windy and really cold up there, and I couldn’t take too many photos, because my hands were almost frozen, but I hope these photos will make you want to discover this place as well 🙂

Have fun this weekend girls and make sure you stick around, because I have many other stories to tell from my current trip 🙂


My outfit :

Turtleneck/ Pants/ Coat : Zara

Scarf : Primark

Bag : Giuka

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