Meet me at the Palace 1

Meet me at the Palace

I’ve been waiting to share these photos with you for over a week and.. I’m pretty sure you will love them 🙂 I’m wearing a very special dress, in a breathtaking location from Dresden, and I felt like a princess while taking these photos, even though it was pretty cold outside and the sun was hiding from me all day long 🙁

But let’s talk about this magical location first. Dresden is filled with so many incredible places and the Zwinger is easily one of the reasons why you will fall in love with this town forever. One of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Germany, this mesmerizing 18th century palace is made of four symmetrically arranged pavilions, surrounding a superb courtyard where you could spend days on end.

This palace served as an orangery, exhibition gallery and festival arena, and today the Zwinger is an impressive museum complex housing some of the most important museums in Dresden.

Of course, I had to wear something very special for my visit to this palace, and luckily, I had a dreamy dress from Victoria Sava with me, and it was just perfect for this unique location. I felt so great wearing it and I received so many compliments, smiles and even applauses for this outfit and photoshoot that made my day unforgettable 🙂

My outfit

Dress: Victoria Sava

Handbag: Giuka


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