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Hello Krakow once again!

My first trip to Krakow was pretty short and very, very cold, but I liked this city so much that I just had to come back here as soon as possible and enjoy everything Krakow has to offer. Fast forward two years and we’re back in this amazing city for my birthday, which made this trip even more special 😀

I’m telling you girls, there’s no place like Krakow. It has an amazing architecture everywhere you might turn your head, with so many wonderful sights, charming streets, beautiful churches, restaurants with great food, plus a great vibe all around.

We’ve looked for a hotel as close to the city center as possible, because we wanted to be within walking distance from all the attractions in town, and Mercure Hotel Stare Miasto was the perfect choice for us. Besides the fact that this hotel is brand new and it’s sooo beautifully designed, I must confess that I ate here the most delicious pancakes ever. I even asked for the recipe but they couldn’t give it to me 🙁

So, for our first day in Krakow, I’ve felt like I’m going to a first date, that’s why I wanted to dress up pretty nice, with a cute, girly look that made a lot of people smile at me, and some of them even asked me to take a few photos with them 🙂 I’ve worn a beautiful pink dress that made me feel like a princess and my boy completed my look perfectly offering a lovely bouquet of flowers in the same colors as my outfit 🙂

Right next to our hotel was the The Krakow Barbican, a historic gateway leading into the old town of Krakow, that’s one of the few remaining parts of the main network of fortification and defensive barries that encircled this royal city in the past. Today this fortified outpost is one of the main tourist attractions in town and also a place for many exhibitions.

From there we went straight to the center, where we just moved around and enjoyed the lovely sights and a beautiful sunny day, that was just perfect to take a few photos. We were there in the Easter weekend and it was pretty crowded, but we found the right angles from where we can take the best shots in those conditions.

There are many beautiful horse-drawn carriages in the main square, which remind me a little bit of Vienna, but we didn’t want to tour the city with them, even though it would have been pretty nice. Those horses have to stay in wind, sun and perhaps even rain all day long and I felt sorry of them. Maybe they are treated very well, but that’s how I feel 🙂

When we were in Krakow for the first time we couldn’t enter the Town Hall Tower, because we got there too late, but this time it was on our list and it should be on your list too. After climbing many, many stairs you’ll go right at its top, from where you could enjoy a wonderful view of the main square, and the entire city 😀

It’s time to show you some photos from this amazing place, right? I hope you like them just as much as I do and if you have any questions about Krakow, just leave a comment below and I’ll gladly answer.

Kisses, G!

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