Back in Slovakia 1

Back in Slovakia!

Hi girls 😀 Did you miss me? I know I took a short break from my blog in these last couple of weeks, but I had a good reason. I was on the road once again through Europe, because my birthday was last week, and I wanted to celebrate it in a special place with my baby.

Our first stop was in Slovakia, but this time we’ve been to the northern part of the country, right next to the majestic High Tatras mountains. We’ve stayed at a gorgeous hotel there, called Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras, but since we were pretty high up the mountains, it was snowing most of our time there and unfortunately we’ve only caught a few glimpses of the magical view from our room.

Nonetheless, it was pretty awesome, and you can see many shots from the hotel on my Instagram account. But that’s not all we’ve done in Slovakia, of couse. You know I love to discover new places and.. we’ve been to a interesting sights nearby that I totally have to share with you guys 😀

The first was Janosikove diery – one of the most beautiful gorges in Europe. It’s basically a spectacular hiking trail, with amazing rock formations, waterfalls and numerous ladders and narrow walkways. It’s an incredible sight year-round, but during winter it’s even more stunning, with almost everything frozen and blanketed with snow. This was probably the best period to visit it and I’m so happy I’ve been there!

And if you’re ever planning to visit northern Slovakia, you should make at least a quick stop in Žilina. It’s the fourth largest town in the country, even though it feels very tiny, and it has a charming center, with colored buildings and cobblestone streets, that’s just picture-perfect.

Hope you like these shots and stick around, because my journey continues to.. Poland 😀

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