Last day in Karlovy Vary 1

Last day in Karlovy Vary

After a few days spent in this magical town, we fall in love with its beautiful streets, unique architecture, and amazing views. We didn’t expect it to be so beautiful and just 3 days in this little paradise have flown so fast. We would have loved to stop here for at least a few weeks, especially at the mesmerizing hotel where we’ve stayed.

I’m sure you’ve seen a few shots of this gorgeous hotel on my Insta Stories and you all loved it, but let me make a short description of it. Quisisana Palace is one of the most incredible hotels we’ve ever stayed in, a grand 19th century palatial building that was beautifully converted into a high-end hotel.

It really feels like a palace, the kind of palace we’ve all dreamed about since we were little girls and wanted to become princesses. I hope I’m not the only one who dreamed about that haha 😀 I’m not a princess right now, but at least I found my palace, and if I ever had one, this is exactly how I’d want it to look 🙂

But let’s get back to Karlovy Vary.. and my last day in town. I wanted to take a few more shots just before we left town to show you how stunning this place really is. So I woke up very early and I went just outside the hotel, in a super chic combo from Victoria Sava – a dark brown dress, paired with a classy white shirt, which had a few cute details on it, adding an extra touch of style to the entire outfit.

I’ll let you enjoy these photos right now and if you’re ever planning a vacation, I would totally recommended you Karlovy Vary, because here you’ll find the whole package – nature, beautiful landscapes, charming buildings, warm people, good food, and all those hot springs which are amazing for your health.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend 🙂


My outfit : Full look : Victoria Sava

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