Last day in Karlovy Vary

After a few days spent in this magical town, we fall in love with its beautiful streets, unique architecture, and amazing views. We didn’t expect it to be so beautiful and just 3 days in this little paradise have flown so fast. We would have loved to stop here for at least a few weeks, […]

Karlovy Vary, a fairy tale town

A few months ago I’ve seen an awesome photo on Instagram with a charming place, filled with colorful buildings and surrounded by forests, and of course, I’ve asked my boyfriend where it is, because I’d love to go there šŸ˜€ As I’ve told you many times, my bf is like Google Maps; you just tell […]

Mornings on Charles Bridge

Prague has so many beautiful places to visit, but the most iconic sight is definitely the breathtakingĀ Charles Bridge, one of the world’s most incredible bridges, for good reason.Ā Its construction was started by Czech king and Holy Roman EmperorĀ Charles IVĀ back in 1357, using only stones, in a superb Gothic style, to connect Prague’s Old Town with […]

A Lovely Day in Prague

I’m pretty sure you all know that feeling, when you see an awesome photo from a place where you’re going to be pretty soon, and you just can’t wait to get there, to enjoy the same view and of course, to take a few photos as well šŸ™‚ That happened to me a few weeks […]

Hello, Prague!

If I had to choose between material things and traveling, the answer is pretty simple: always spend your money on experiences, not things šŸ˜€ I totally love traveling (well, who doesn’t?) and I think it’s the only thing that will always prove to be a great investment in time. Traveling will enrich your soul, broaden […]

Prague part II

Happy Monday guys šŸ™‚ After a hectic week for me, filled with sadness, many miles driven and not too much sleep, everything is ok now and I finally have some time to share with you girls the second part of my lovely trip to Prague. I know you were waiting for more photos, right? The […]

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