Mornings on Charles Bridge 1

Mornings on Charles Bridge

Prague has so many beautiful places to visit, but the most iconic sight is definitely the breathtaking Charles Bridge, one of the world’s most incredible bridges, for good reason. Its construction was started by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV back in 1357, using only stones, in a superb Gothic style, to connect Prague’s Old Town with the Prague Castle and its adjacent areas.

The architect in charge of the iconic Charles Bridge was Peter Parler, who also imagined the wonderful St. Vitus Cathedral, right in the heart of the Prague Castle. But what I found really interesting about the construction of this bridge si that apparently mortar was mixed with egg yolk to strengthen the construction of the bridge. They sure had to use a lot of eggs for this 😀 And it was all worth it, right?

Charles Bridge is on top of every Prague visitor’s must-see list, but it’s also a popular spot for Czech artists, musicians and souvenir vendors who stand on both sides of the bridge. It’s always super crowded and it’s a real challenge to capture its beauty with just a few people around, that’s why you have to go there very, very early in the morning.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done, even though it was extremely cold outside 🙂 Like a real fashionista I couldn’t visit such a masterpiece without an equally gorgeous outfit, and this beautiful red dress from Almaaz Couture was just perfect for the occasion. I really felt like the lady in red, bringing out a pop of color to this magical place, and contrasting beautifully with the black stones of the bridge and its towers.

I enjoyed this moment to the max, even though I was almost freezing out there, but everyone who passed by loved my outfit and I received so many smiles 🙂 I also wanted to see the swans one last time and we went there again, but this time I haven’t carried with me any treats for them and they pretty much ignored me :))

Hope you like my post and Happy Monday :*


My outift :

Dress : Almaaz Couture

Bag : Giuka

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