Around the Beautiful Larnaca 1

Around the Beautiful Larnaca

The first days of the year were a little cold, even in the heart of Cyprus, but as soon as the first sun rays appeared on the sky, I couldn’t resist the temptation to go out, so I took my camera and went for a quick stroll around Larnaca, visiting some of the main attractions of this lovely town.

My first stop was at the imposing Larnaca Fort, which was just 5 minutes away from my hotel and right next to the sea. The fort looks like a small medieval castle and for centuries it was one of the most important buildings in Larnaca, acting like an artillery station to defend the town, a prison and nowadays a museum.

Next, I’ve visited the charming Church of Saint Lazarus, which was built back in the 9th century right on the second tomb of Lazarus, the same Lazarus who was raised from the dead by Jesus and apparently moved to Cyprus after he was forced out of Judea. Yeah, I’ve done my homework while I stayed in 🙂

I’m going to let these photos do the rest of the talking for me and hopefully you’ll like this city just as much as I love it!

My outfit: Denim & Co Jeans, Bershka blazer, H&M shirt, Nike sneakers, Atmosphere scarf and bag, plus H&M coat.

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