Hallo Bremen 1

Hallo Bremen

After a couple of foggy days in Bremen, the sun was finally out today, so I’ve decided to explore more of this beautiful town and its lovely streets. The best way to move around in Bremen is by taking the tram (or bus) so I’ve jumped in the first and got to the town’s center in just a matter of minutes.

Once there, I was completely mesmerized by the historic buildings, the impressive Bremer Rathaus and the St. Petri Dom dominating the sky with their amazing architecture. Of course, I also took a photo of the famous statue of the musicians from Bremen, a symbol of this town that everyone has to see live.

Next, I’ve visited the charming Schnoor district, that’s made of a couple of tiny streets, with old buildings, beautiful coffee shops, small restaurants and all kinds of interesting stores. I’ve also went to Bottcherstrasse, another iconic street from the old Bremen and then I’ve just moved around, next to Wesser, the river which floats through Bremen.

I hope you’ll discover a bit of the beauty of this town through my photos.

My outfit for today: Zara jacket, H&M shirt and sweater, Mango jeans, scarf from H&M, Atmosphere bag, Kayla boots.

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