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Next stop: Hamburg

As I’ve said a couple of days ago, I was planning to see more beautiful places around Bremen and Hamburg was obviously on my list. After all, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, and it’s also extremely close to Bremen, so a short visit here was more than necessary.

So I went there with my best friend, unfortunately for just a couple of hours, but it was totally impressive. I’ve only visited the central part of Hamburg, with its amazing Rathaus and main square, plus the two lakes which define the city.

After a short photo session, we stopped to eat at a chic restaurant, and since the sun sets quickly right now, we’ve gone back home. For this short city break I went for a comfy and cozy look, because the weather outside was a bit chilly.

My outfit: Zara knitted cape, Bershka jeans, H&M blouse and scarf, Atmosphere bag & some casual sneakers

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