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Amsterdaaaam: the city that never sleeps

Gosh, I’m so psyched to tell you about my short trip to Amsterdam. I’ve always wanted to visit this amazing and vibrant city, and since it’s pretty close to Bremen, this was probably the best opportunity to go there. I’ve heard and read a lot of things about Amsterdam and I’m telling you girls, it’s even crazier than you could imagine.

So crowded, with so many tourists from every single corner of the world gathering here with one thing in mind: having the best times of their lives in Amsterdam. Unfortunately I was here for just 2 days but I’ve used every hour to the max to see as many parts of Amsterdam as I could.

Of course, I’ve visited the Red Light District, which was absolutely crazy, I’ve went to the Sex Museum and I’ve also stopped in a coffee shop, so you could say I’ve experienced a lot that Amsterdam has to offer. The massive Dam Square was always extremely crowded but that and the bad weather didn’t stop me from taking a couple of photos there.

As the sun went down, there were more and more people out, just what you’d expect to see in a Saturday night in Amsterdam. Of course, I’ve also explored Amsterdam by foot, discovering the beautiful 9 streets district, the lovely Amsterdam Canals, the floating flower market and, as the rain started to fall pretty hard, we called it a day and went to the hotel.

Since the weather was pretty bad, my outfit had to be cozy, warm and comfortable for a lot of walking, but I’ll let you discover my outfit and a bit of this incredible city through these photos I took.

My outfit was: Zara leather jacket, Stradivarius turtleneck, skinny jeans from Primark, Atmosphere long vest, Koton boots, Opia Necklace and a chic Atmosphere backpack.


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