Hallo Berlin!

Hi girls… are you ready to see the next chapter of my awesome Eurotrip? From Poland, we’ve moved next doors to Germany and our first stop was had to be in the beautiful Berlin, the capital of cool as some people call it, and one of the most popular cities in the entire world.

Berlin is the symbol of freedom, a city that was split for so many decades by a massive wall, has managed to overcome all boundaries and now it’s just getting better and better. It’s an amazing place to discover, with a lovely atmosphere, so many mesmerizing buildings, restaurants, pubs, little shops, and an incredible history.

I’ve spent four days in Berlin and that wasn’t nearly enough, because I’ve left behind so many places I haven’t been able to see, but that just means I must go back, right? Today I’ll show you a couple of snaps from my first day in Berlin, where I’ve visited some of the most important sights in town.

The first place I’ve been to was the Holocaust Memorial, a massive site with concrete slabs dedicated to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. These concrete slabs, or stalae, are arranged in a grid pattern on a sloping field, organized in rows, that are set slightly askew. It’s a breathtaking sight, and it’s definitely something you all should see with your own eyes.

We’ve stayed there for half an hour or so, and then just a few minutes away you could find the symbol of Berlin, the breathtaking Brandenburg Gate, that’s even more impressive when you go through it and realize how massive it really is. It’s a neoclassical monument, built in the 18th century by the King of Prussia, and represents a sign of peace and freedom – as this is the place where everyone met after the Berlin wall was broken down.

After taking many lovely pics there, we’ve seen a Starbucks nearby, which was just what we needed because it was really cold outside, and I had to drink something hot 🙂 Next to the Brandenburg Gate you could find the German Parliament building or the Bundestag, which is just incredible. It’s so big that you need to go pretty far away from it to be able to get it all in one picture, and it’s really crowded over there all the time.

We’ve had a lot of fun taking photos here, and many people were smiling with us, because it’s really difficult to take some cool photos with the self timer in places that are really crowded. But it was really fun, and I’d love to do it again, of course.

Our last stop was at the Victory Column, a 67m high column which was built to commemorate the victory in the Prussian-Danish war, which has a lovely deck from where you could see almost all of Berlin. It’s definitely one of the best places to get a clear view of how massive this city really is.

This is all for today my pretty fashionistas – I hope you like my new travel experience. See you next time with more lovely places from Berlin :*

My outfit :

Coat : Zara

Dress & bag : Clote.ro

Boots : Depurtat

Bowtie : Vania Szasz



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