New York Cafe Budapest 1

New York Cafe Budapest

This is the last post from Budapest, I promise! Actually, I’ll probably be back here as soon as possible, so.. it’s only the last post for now haha :D.

Since this time we’ve stayed more in the Pest side of the town, which is filled with fancy restaurants, lovely cafes, and a lot of action, we’ve had to visit a place I’ve always wanted to see: the incredible New York Cafe!

Built at the turn of the 20th century, this spectacular cafe was a popular place for socialites, writers and editors, and apparently some of the most influential newspapers were edited right there, upstairs in the gallery. The entire place was beautifully restored to its former glory and the minute you get inside, you will feel that you take a step back in time, with magnificence and sophistication surrounding you wherever you turn your head.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a coffee or something fresh and you could even eat something here – I was lucky enough to do that while listening to a classical music concert, which made the entire experience even more unique. It felt like I was back in the Belle Époque period, and since I had a pretty chic outfit for this visit, I had to take a couple of photos as well 🙂

So if you’re in Budapest and want to see something that will totally take your breath away, visiting the New York Cafe should be on your list. It’s a little crowded, and you might have to wait in line just to get a table, but it’s totally worth it! I hope you like it as much I did 😀

My outfit :

Top / Heels : Zara

Pants : Stradivarius



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