Kravice waterfalls 1

Kravice waterfalls!

My last day in Bosnia was probably the most beautiful one, because we’ve stopped at a wonderful place, hidden right in the heart of a forest. Found just an hour away from Mostar, the amazing Kravice waterfalls will simply take your breath away, the minute you arrive here. And it gets even better, as you get closer and closer to the waterfall, and realize how massive it is.

Kravice is one of the most popular sights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for good reason, a place where locals and tourists alike usually come to cool off in the hot summer days, enjoy a picnic with their friends or family, and relax in the sun with a cold drink and that mesmerizing view in front of them. You’ll also find a few terraces and restaurants here and even a nice place to camp, so you could also spend the night in this magical place – I’m sure that would be a real treat!

But I’m telling you… this place is even more beautiful when you get to see it with your own eyes, especially when you listen to that alluring waterfall sound. From the above, the waterfall looks so calm and peaceful, but when you’re right at its base you realize it’s pretty wild and you’d like to stay there all day long. Everything around was bright green and even the water below had a greenish color that’s so captivating.

We arrived here at 10am and the place was already extremely crowded, but we’ve managed to take a lot of awesome photos and right now it’s pretty hard for me to pick just a few shots for you. If you ever have the occasion to visit Bosnia, this place is definitely a must see!

My outfit :

Slip dress / Scarf / Sunnies  : H&M

Belt : Stradivarius

Slippers :


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