A Magical Place from Bosnia 1

A Magical Place from Bosnia

During my stay in Mostar, I’ve heard about an amazing place, nestled just a few minutes outside of the town, called Blagaj Tekija – a mesmerizing Dervish monastery, set right under a cliff, that’s nearly 600 years old, with a crystal-clear river next to it which reflects its beauty in the most incredible way possible.

Obviously, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go there and see it with my own eyes 😀

It’s a breathtaking sight indeed, and believe it or not, it looks even more incredible in person than it does in pictures. You have to walk a little bit to get there, but it’s totally worth it, and the best thing is that there are also a few restaurants, set right on the banks on the river, where you could enjoy have a cool drink, and feast your eyes on this amazing place.

For this visit, I’ve decided to wear a lovely dress from Zaful, with a wonderful basket bag and my newest crush, a super comfy pair of sandals that are just perfect for discovering new places 🙂

My Outfit:

Dress : Zaful

Bag : Rosegal

Sandals : Ego.co.uk

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