Ending the year with a bit of Sun 1

Ending the year with a bit of Sun

Officially there are just a couple of hours left from 2015 and I’m so happy to tell you that I’m going to celebrate New Year’s in a sunny location, far, far away from home, in the beautiful city of Larnaca, Cyprus, where I’ll be spending an entire week, yay! I want to discover as many wonderful places from Cyprus as I can and I hope the weather will be ok all week long.

This morning I was so excited when I woke up because the sun was heating up my bedroom with its warm rays, and I realized it was the perfect time my last post of 2015.

That’s why I’ve jumped out of bed really fast, put some make up on, I’ve picked a pair of heels and some chic clothes and I went straight to the beach, as it was right next to the hotel. I can actually see the Mediterranean sea right from my room’s terrace and I can even hear its waves at night, that’s how close I am to the beach.

After taking a couple of photos in front of the sea, I’m now back in the room, looking over them with a glass of wine and thinking about this entire year, a year that had a lot of ups and downs and the most important thing for me was starting this blog, I am Georgiana.

It’s been just three months since my first post here and I’m already getting a lot of good reviews and fans and that means a lot to me. Next year I want to take my blog to the next level and hopefully you’ll be around to share with you guys the joy.

My outfit in the last day of the year: Koton sweater, Adrom skirt, Graceland shoes, Stradivarius belt

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