Enjoying Budapest 1

Enjoying Budapest One Step at a Time

By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen a ton of photos with me from¬†Budapest, especially from my newest stop in this magical town, but.. there’s always room for more, right? ūüôā Since this weekend is just around the corner, and I’m actually on the road once again (no surprise here ha ha),¬†today I’ve decided to show you guys another interesting look that I got to wear during my last visit to Hungary.

To sum it up in a few words: it’s sexy, chic, and a little bit provocative, and it has a few eye catching details that will easily make you stand out, even at a fashion party where you’re basically surrounded by fashionistas. These beauties will unleash the inner child in you, reminding everyone of the good old times when Mickey Mouse was a global sensation. He’s still equally popular if you ask me, but our perception of the famous Disney character might have changed in time.

But don’t worry Mickey, these amazing ballerina shoes from Giuka¬†will keep your legacy alive. That’s it for now, folks! Happy weekend!

My Outfit:

Skirt: ZARA

Top: Yoins

Flats: Giuka




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