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Follow Me to Dresden

I’m on the road a lot these days and I’m pretty tired already, but I still managed to find some time to share with you my latest adventure 🙂 I want to show you as many photos as possible from all the amazing places I’ve seen lately and I’m pretty sure you don’t mind, right? 😀

So, if my previous post was from Prague (and I still have many other photos and outfits to show you from there), today I wanna share you my newest crush, an amazing city called Dresden, that made me believe in love at first sight once again. Seriously, it has so many beautiful parts, and even though the weather was pretty bad most of the time we were there, I wish I could have stayed in town for a few more days.

But its unique history impressed me more than any other city I’ve been to. If you don’t know this yet, Dresden has been through a lot in the past, and it was almost completely destroyed at the end of World War II. But it rose like a Phoenix from its ashes and it’s now even more beautiful and one of Germany’s most spectacular cities.

That’s why I wanted to wear something very special for my first photoshoot in Dresden, and I chose to wear a lovely set created by a designer from my country, Victoria Sava. I’ve seen her new collection just a few weeks ago at a fashion event and from the very first moment I’ve laid my eyes on this outfit I just knew I had to have it.

But there are many other creations from this collection that are equally stunning, and I really liked the fact that they all have some traditional elements on them. The mix between traditional details and modern lines is so perfect that it could easily take your breath away, especially since every piece looks so feminine and graceful.

So, without further ado, I’ll just let these pics do the rest of the talking for me, and stick around 🙂 because I will post more photos pretty soon, and follow my Instagram account too, because I post a lot of stuff in real time on my Insta Stories.



My outfit :

Full Outfit : Victoria Sava

Bag : Giuka

Heels : Stradivarius


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