Quick stroll through the center of Bremen 1

A quick stroll through the center of Bremen

My second day in Bremen was extremely nice, with the sun outside beautifully heating up the atmosphere, I’ve decided to discover a bit of the town’s rich history and culture, taking a quick stroll around the center with my good friends.

Since the weather outside was really warm, I went for a short skirt and a chic pair of flat boots, taking with me a leather jacket as well, which proved to be really useful later. This outfit was extremely comfy, perfect for walking around the town and exploring the most amazing sights in Bremen.

First, I’ve stopped at Mühle Am Wall, a charming windmill that’s one of the city’s most important landmarks and then I took a couple of hilarious shots at the swineherd and pigs sculpture. But just as I got to the town’s center, I’ve lost myself in the numerous shops nearby, buying all kinds of beauty products and clothes that you’re going to see on my blog pretty soon.

You’ll see more from my visit to Bremen in my next posts and.. stick around, because Bremen is not the only city I’ll be visiting these weeks.

My outfit: leather jacket from ZARA, H&M shirt, New Yorker skirt, Stradivarius belt, H&M fringe bag and RS boots.

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