Christmassy vibes in Vienna 1

Christmassy vibes in Vienna

Happy Monday my pretty ladies :* I woke up this morning in a super great mood, and I’m so happy because Christmas is just around the corner 😀 I’m excited like a little kid in this period of the year and I know you gals are exactly like me, right?

That’s why today I’ve decided to share with you one of my favorite moments from my Euro Trip, with a couple of awesome snapshots from Vienna, a city that looks ten times more beautiful in this magical period of the year.

Here I’ve met up with my girl, Ana Maria Oprea, and together we’ve spent two amazing days in town, with so many happy moments, a few stops to Starbucks and good food 🙂

From the first hours of the day ’til late in night we’ve just walked around the streets of Vienna, that are so beautifully decorated for Christmas, with all those sparkling lights and numerous Christmas markets that are just magical. If you really want to experience Christmassy vibes at their best, Vienna is definitely the place to go, in this period of the year 🙂

Of course, we’ve taken a lot of photos and I had to dress up for the occasion 🙂 I’ve had a full outfit from, which was one of my favorite looks so far, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people liked it as well, because I’ve seen so many guys and girls turning around and looking at me.

My outfit :

Pants / Blouse / bag :

Coat : H&M

Boots : Tendenz


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