Bremen, my Love 1

Bremen, my Love!

Guten morgen girls! I hope you don’t have anything planned for this morning, because I’m back with a new awesome travel post 🙂 this time from one of my favorite cities, a beautiful place called Bremen.

After staying in Berlin and Potsdam for a few days, Bremen was our next stop on the list, for more reasons than one 😀 You see, one of my best friends lives here, and unfortunately I rarely get to see her nowadays, that’s why I was sooo excited about coming to Bremen once again, because I just couldn’t wait to spend a few days with her. It sucks when your best friend is far, far away from you, but I think you cherish the moments together ten time more 🙂

This was actually my third visit to Bremen, and you know what? I always love to come back here and… I want to make it a yearly tradition! I simply adore this city, and I really think it’s one of the most beautiful towns in Germany and probably from the entire Europe as well – a city filled with a lot of history, culture and charm, and a laid-back vibe that makes you want to move here forever!

This year I haven’t been out too much, because it was raining most of time I was here, but one day the rain finally stopped and I’ve just wandered around the town’s center. Of course I took a couple of shots for my blog 🙂 and I hope you will like them!

My outfit:

Jacket / Turtleneck / shirt : Zara

Jeans : Bershka

Beanie/ Scarf : H&M

Backpack : Primark

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