Hallo Bremerhaven 1

Hallo Bremerhaven

Traveling enriches your life – this has to be one of my favorite quotes ever – I think it fits me perfectly, because every time I visit a new country, or at least a new city, my mind and soul are immediately charmed by all those lovely sights. I love meeting new people, trying out some amazing local food and discovering those things that might seem a bit insignificant at first glance, but for me they’re everything.

Today I wanna take you to a place called Bremerhaven, a lovely little town at the seaport of Bremen, that was a total surprise for me. You see, Bremerhaven is a relatively new city, with many cool modern landmarks, but this area has such a long history behind as a trade port that you get a wonderful mix of old and new that’s definitely a treat for your eyes.

Today Bremerhaven is one of Germany’s most important ports, and even though I’ve actually come in town because I wanted to see the North Sea, I totally liked this city and the entire atmosphere here. Going at the North Sea is not exactly as fun as it sounds, because this one is always ridiculously cold, and even in the best days of summer it’s almost impossible to chill out at the beach and dive in.

But either way it was a lovely sight, especially because I’ve managed to catch a gorgeous sunset while I was in Bremerhaven. If you’re ever in town, you totally need to check out Klimahaus, and the large shopping mall next to it haha. Have a great day girls :*

My outfit :

Jacket / Jeans : Zara

Sweater : Koton

Cap : Esprit

Scarf : H&M

Backpack : Primark



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