Meet me at the Hundertwasser House 1

Meet me at the Hundertwasser House

After two incredible weeks in Prague, Dresden and Karlovy Vary, our last stop in this awesome journey was Vienna, to see my little bestie Ana and once again to visit this amazing city. I really don’t think you could ever get tired of Vienna. There’s always something new to see, to learn, or to try out, and the amazing vibe of this city will make you fall in love with it forever.

So before we arrived to Vienna, I made my homework and found a new cool place where I’ve never been before, that’s just perfect for a relaxing walk and of course, to take a few shots for my blog (and Instagram) as well 😀

That place was the Hundertwasser House, an extraordinary building that’s the most famous creation of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, a brilliant artist and architect who broke all boundaries with his unique style. Today, the Hundertwasserhaus is easily one of Vienna’s most popular sights, charming thousands of people every day with its unique design and a splash of color.

It’s a visual spectacle, that feels like it came straight out of a fairy tale, and it gets even better as you take a closer look. The colorful windows are beautifully complemented by more than 200 trees and shrubs, on the balconies and roof terraces, which turn this building into a green oasis right in the middle of the town.

Also, another interesting fact that I’ve discovered is that every person who lives in this building has the right to decorate the facade around the windows precisely as they wish. Pretty cool, right?

The Hundertwasser House can be admired only from outside , but vis-a-vis you will also find the Hundertwasser Village, which was made in 1990-1991 , because the artist wanted to create his own shopping center, that’s open for tourists as well. Here you’ll also find a village square, a bar and several boutique stores, all created in the pure Hundertwasser style. And a few steps away there’s also the KunstHausWien, another marvel imagined by this brilliant artist.

I loved this place very very much , but once again we had to fight with the rain and dark clouds, so we took some shots pretty fast and had to leave this place after just an hour. I was a bit sad, because I would have wanted to stay a lot more here and admire the sheer beauty of this place in detail.

Hope you like it too and, if you are planing a trip to Viena, the Hundertwasserhaus should be on your wish list 🙂


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