No Friendship is an Accident! 1

No Friendship is an Accident!

I totally love this quote and I feel that it describes my new post perfectly. Since there are just a few days left until Christmas, and in this beautiful period of the year it’s all about kindness, friendships and precious moments with your family, today I wanna talk a little about friendships.

It’s an incredible feeling when you get to meet new people who think just like you, and you share similar passions and interests, and almost the same job – it seems like that meeting wasn’t really a coincidence. That’s exactly what happened this summer, when I’ve met this lovely girl named Ana at a fashion event in my hometown, and ever since we’ve been closer and closer.

Today I’m going to share with you some lovely shots from Vienna with her, and.. if you’re wondering why we’re smiling in all these photos, that’s because we’ve had such a good time around town. Even our outfits matched and we looked like a dynamic duo, ready to rock the street style scene in Vienna.

In this period of the year, I’d like to have all my dearest friends with me, but since most of them are so far away from me, I’ve decided to do something sweet for each one and show them my love 🙂 So, Ana you’re the first 😀

I hope you like my idea and I can’t wait to see each other once again, as soon as possible!

My outfit :

Coat : New Yorker

Sweater / Backpack : Atmosphere

Jeans : Zara

Hat : Esprit


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