Sea caves, Waves and Natural Wonders 1

Sea caves, Waves and Natural Wonders!

Hey girls, are you ready for another awesome weekend !? I sure am, even though I’m still thinking of the magical days spent in Cyprus. I’ve returned home just a couple of days ago and I already miss that incredible country, the crystal clear sea, the palm trees and of course, the laid-back lifestyle.

I still have a ton of photos to share with you guys in the next days and today I’ve decided to present you some of the natural wonders from Cyprus, near the resort town of Ayia Napa. This small coastal town has one of the most beautiful beaches from Europe, called Nissi Beach, but unfortunately the weather was pretty bad when I arrived there, pretty cloudy and way too windy for a bath. I still gave it a go, but for just a couple of minutes.

But a couple of miles away from Ayia Napa, as you head to Cape Greco, you’ll find several natural wonders that will just take your breath away: sea caves, a stone arch that’s like a natural bridge and amazing view points. As I got there, the wind and clouds made the sea really angry, so I got to see a couple of spectacular waves that were both exciting and scary in the same time.

My outfit for this day was pretty casual: Atmosphere blouse, FSBN jeans, Koton boots, Bershka scraf.

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